Saturday, 15 May 2010

Foodies we need you

Note to any potential food stall holder interested in joining us at the Ingrave Community Market:

We have been running since September 2009 on the 1st Sunday of every month @ the brand new Knights Way Community Centre in Brentwood. During our 2009 markets we saw a nice footfall and were very well supported, however sadly since returning in the New Year we have become accustomed to much lower visitor numbers. We want to put a stop to this and bring the market back up to the successful event that it was. Therefore we have undertaken some market research in the area and have discovered that what the locals are after is more food stalls and less craft.

For this reason we are about to change from our original ethos of ‘only Brentwood based stall holders’ and open the doors to all of you wonderful stallholders that make and produce your own foodstuffs outside of the Brentwood area.

As an incentive for you to join us at what may well be another quiet market in June we are offering you a free stand, based on the fact that if you have a good day you might want to pay for your pitch (regular cost only £4.50) but if you don’t have such a good day then feel free to walk away with all of your takings. (The few food stalls we do have do well despite low numbers of visitors).

We are intending to do a large mailshot of the area to tell our local customers that there will be new stalls in attendance and hopefully we can watch them crawl back out of the woodwork. We also hope that word will get out about our newly improved market and that Julys event will be even bigger!

Booking forms are available by e-mailing Once I have your form then I will include you in our mailshot and mention your stall here on our blog. We are also on Facebook and Twitter so will be promoting your company via these avenues as well.

I hope you’d like to join us (fingers crossed)